it's peanut butter jelly time

Has anyone else noticed that penguins are nature’s torpedoes? Think about it, Penguins swim really fast in water, they’re not designed to go in the air, Penguins even sort of look like torpedoes with their wings by their sides. If someone sharpens a penguin’s beak and straps a rocket to it’s back, then they would have the perfect torpedo (except for the animal cruelty part). Nobody would expect that a penguin was a torpedo. Actually, I suppose you would need to put some form of explosive on the Penguin, which would sort of be a dead give-away… so the penguin torpedo would only be possible after the development of cloaking technology. I guess at that point though the Penguin torpedo would be useless because the only advantage was that you wouldn’t expect a penguin to be a torpedo…

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